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I have already discussed in detail about the dangers of using mercury and steroid skin bleaching creams in a previous post {read here}. Some of you are currently trying to correct skin issues due to long term use of these poisonous skin whiteners. Follow the below regimen to heal your damaged skin and make it beautiful and flawless!

Before using the below regimen, please make sure that you’re not currently suffering any active inflammation due to recent use of mercury or steroid skin bleach. Please see a dermatologist FIRST before attempting to correct your damaged skin. In the meantime, use Arnica Gel. Arnica is a potent anti-inflammatory herb that reduces swelling and redness. Many cosmetic surgeons suggest taking Arnica supplements before and after surgery to reduce {or prevent} post-surgical swelling

In addition to the ‘skin bleaching regimen’ I’ve provided, there are a few other things you need to add to that regiment to repair skin damaged by mercury or steroid skin whiteners.


STEP 1: In the morning, wash your face and bathe with your goat milk soap. Towel dry then apply your raspberry oil, then your carrot oil. Rub until the oils absorbs.

STEP 2: Follow the skin bleaching regimen {click here} but space it out from the time that you apply the above healing oils and step 3.

You need to make a healing cream for your skin. Empty the entire jar of shea butter, the entire tube of MSM lotion, the entire tube of arnica gel, and 40 drops of the carrot essential oil into your glass measuring cup and blend then until smooth. Afterwards transfer your cream to your 16oz. jar. After a shower, apply your healing cream then follow with a thin layer of Vaseline. Then put on a pair of leggings and long sleeve t-shirt. Vaseline is the very best moisturizer for dry skin and other skin conditions {i.e. eczema, psoriasis, etc.} Skin must remain moisturized in order to heal damage {i.e. cuts, wounds, scrapes, burns, etc.} A cut will heal a lot faster if you were to keep it heavily moisturized with antibiotic ointment or plain Vaseline. This is the same for dry skin or damaged skin. You must keep your skin moisturized so that it can heal. The added nutrients from the healing cream you made will further heal & rebuild your skin.

STEP 4: Drink distilled water. Distilled water washes toxins, foreign bodies, and impurities from your system. Including spent lymphatic fluid, which is already excreted via urine, but drinking distilled water cleanses used lymph from your body a lot quicker. The lymphatic System produces a whitish fluid {puss} called lymph. The lymphatic system is a part of your ‘immune system’. If your body is currently healing from ‘anything’ there is a higher percentage lymph floating around in your system. Because distilled water is known for absorbing, everything. Some say drinking distilled water long term isn’t good because it absorbs and leeches minerals from the body. Don’t worry about this. As long as you eat ‘food’ everyday, your body will not be depleted of any minerals ; ) Besides, distilled water tastes like pure clean water. Cooking with distilled water makes food taste better also, especially hot beverages. Bottled water tastes terrible due to all the added ‘minerals’. Even more importantly, you must drink sufficient amounts of water to obtain and maintain beautiful healthy skin. Water Intake: ½ ounce per pound of body weight, daily.

Being impatient is what got you here. You must consistently use this regimen and patiently wait for your results. Good luck and stay motivated 😉

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