I’m the only one that runs my business and I’m very busy making products, filling orders & treating clients all day, everyday. I have provided a massive amount of information right on the product pages and in my blog. Therefore ALL random questions can be answered without my assistance. That being said, I am only answering emails for:

  • Current Customers
  • Business Inquiries
  • Bulk Order Inquires
If you need advice on treating a skin issue, purchase a skin consultation here. If your inquiry is about selling my products, either purchase the ‘Seller’s Starter Kit‘ or signup as an Affiliate. Any random messages I receive, the email address, IP address, and name will be added to the ban list.

If you’re over seas, don’t contact me asking about shipping. I made it very clear that I ship “worldwide”. Also, any customer that contacts me about the status of an international shipment that is currently in transit, will be banned from making future purchases. Again, I’ve made it crystal clear about international shipments in my shipping policy.

Please don’t contact me demanding a tracking number after you placed an order like 2 hours ago. I will cancel your order, refund your money, then add you to the ban list.

If you have no order number…You have no order. Order inquiries with no order number are ignored .

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