Hello! I am Isis, formulator of Strong Skin Bleach and Saliclear. I’ve gained experience and knowledge about skin during my time working in the $ billion dollar $ “cosmetic surgery” industry. I’ve used that knowledge to formulate some wonderful products that beautify skin.Everything I sell, I use. So I stand behind the efficacy of my products 100%. I formulate a new batch of skin bleach {and Saliclear} weekly. So you will always receive a fresh bottle of skin bleach. Unlike those containers of skin bleach you find at a department store that’s been sitting on a dusty shelf for several months. There are a lot of thieves & fraud merchants that are selling fake products looking to scam people out of their money. These fraudulent products usually end up being ineffective, or worse, damaging to your skin {read here}. There are merchants that do sell safe skin bleach, but their prices are extremely high for such a small container of skin bleach. My strong skin bleach is authentic, safe, scam free, comes in a large 16 oz. bottle, and is much less expensive by comparison to all others. Please subscribe to my blog for more information about skin bleaching.

Chicago, IL 60603 USA
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