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‘Do skin whitening pills, vitamins, and supplements really work? Yes, they do!


Understand that any oral supplement that whitens skins is a “skin whitening pill”. Any oral supplement that raises glutathione levels, is a “skin whitening pill”. I have created a list of skin whitening supplements that whiten skin, and detailed instructions on how to use them.

Exfoliate Your Skin – The reason there are so many reviews about how these supplements didn’t work, is because most people don’t know how to use oral skin whiteners. You must be actively exfoliating your skin. You will not see any results if you’re not exfoliating your skin. Use Tretinoin for your face and Saliclear for your body.


Drink Distilled Water – These supplements need to be taken with It is best to drink distilled water on a daily instead of regular purified bottled water. Distilled water removes toxins poisons & impurities from the body, as well ass used material like the dead melanin that gets excreted/expelled via your dead skin urine & feces.

Optional Beverages – If you need to wash the pills down & get that “vitamin taste” out of your mouth. It is best to use an acidic beverage high in vitamin-C like orange juice or an organic fruit punch drink. If you are not good with taking pills, you can add your supplements to a fruit smoothie & blend them right in. Make sure you use orange juice or pineapple juice in your smoothie.

Stay Out of The Sun – If you must go outside, always wear sunscreen. Otherwise just opt to stay indoors until after sunset.

In order to see any skin whitening results from the below supplements, you must consume the dosage listed next to it. If you currently have any health issues, please consult your physician before starting the below regimen. These supplements are for adults 18 and older. These supplements aren’t for use in pregnant or nursing mothers. Drink lots of water (at least 1/2 oz. per lbs. of body weight daily) specifically distilled water. Always take your supplements with distilled water. Drinking distilled water is better for you and will boost your skin whitening results by clearing away all the dead spent melanin, toxins, poisons, and impurities from your body that make skin appear darker. Read my blog posting about ‘Distilled Water’.



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