Anjalynn ~
Second round at ordering this product because its GREAT. It will clear blemishes in days and have your skin looking young,soft,glowing and smooth.I think it also helps keep acne away because i don't really have any when i use this on my face. My last bottle last me a doesn't have your face looking blotchy on the areas I've. Used it on. This site is the only one I've. Seen with this strength at a reasonable price and its well,well worth it!!
Miss Lola Baby ~
I heard about the hq 20% on skincare talk. It's a lot good reviews and a few ~haters~ but yanno how it is on these forums. I just went off the comments of the folks that are actually using it. Anyway, I bought the hq 10% and received my cream 3 wks ago and been using it since. I have lightened maybe 2 shades , maybe 3 I just know it's very obvious that I am lighter. I know this too because someone mentioned it and I was like "Really? Well you know I haven't been out during the day for a while" 'lol' Which actually I haven't but I know thats not what it is. I also ordered some retin-a gel, I wish I'd bought it at the same time as the hq, maybe I'd be even lighter now but it's cool. I just recently applied the retin-a gel a few days ago and I am starting to see little skin crispies 'lol' Everything is going good with my regimen, I'll also be posting something in the forums about my process. Thanks Isis !
Blaisian ~
I love my new skin tone! Lightskin's the right skiN! I'm half black half Filipino I am the darkest one of all my sisters. Well I WAS the darkest but not anymore! I posted my pics so yall can see my progress. I been bleaching for about 6 weeks the only parts that are slow to lighten is my butt and feet. Yeah they are lighter but I want to get my feet and butt the same color as my forehead, which has been the easiest to lighten. Im loving my new color YAY!!! but I am going to lighten a little bit longer like 3 more shades. I want to be powdery pale I can see this happening by spring. Cant wait!!!!
Jay ~
This product works great. I am an American of African descent and my skin is a caramel brown and knees were very very much darker than the rest of my skin, not anymore, they have lightened so much I'm so ready for summer now!




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