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Daily Skin Whitening Regimen


To get started, follow this basic skin whitening regimen. Use this regimen as a guide, later on you can tweak or modify it to suit your specific needs. In addition to this regimen, always follow each individual product’s accompanying instructions exactly as written.


Before you began bleaching your entire body you need to remove your body hair. Wax your genitals and butt crack completely. Wax your armpits and legs also. Purchase an elastic headband to keep your hair up while applying your skin bleach. Purchase a pair of comfortable shower shoes to wear while applying your skin bleach {Link #1}

#1 Use your Tepezcohuite soap to shower as usual, but NO rough scrubbing.

#2 Towel dry. Apply Tretinoin Gel 0.10% {Retin-A Gel} to your face. Rub it in good all over your face & ears. {You can apply it again in 4 days, but don’t apply it to an area where dead skin has already started peeling really good. Tretinoin Gel is only used 1-3 times a week, but NO more than that

#3 Apply a thin layer of Saliclear all over your body, from your neck down. Make sure you cover every spot including your feet, hands, butt-crack, bikini & pubic region. Avoid your anus and vagina lips. Rub it in good and then wait 5 mins.

#4 Apply your HQ cream to your entire body face & neck like lotion. That includes hands/feet, butt-crack and genitals. Avoid getting it ‘inside’ of anything. Amount = A Quarter Size Covers: Arm/Hand; Calf/Foot; 1 Entire Thigh; Both butt-cheeks/crack, Entire Back; 2 Quarters Covers:face/neck/chest/breast/abs/genitals. You may need a little less or a little more depending on your body mass. Put on a pair of comfortable cotton socks then put on a pair of very comfortable bamboo pajamas. You should also invest in bamboo sheet sets. With all the exfoliation, your skin will be very soft and delicate {something like wool rubbing against your skin will feel like broken shards of glass} and bamboo is very soft and feels soothing to skin. Besides, you haven’t slept well until you’ve slept on bamboo sheets.

#5 Try not to do anything to make the HQ cream rub off for at least two hours. Your socks and pajamas will hold the hydroquinone cream to your skin but if you decide to change clothes or shower, wait at least two hours after applying your HQ cream. And two hours before washing your hands also. You may want to invest in a box of cheap disposable nitryl or poly gloves. So you can handle things during the wait.

#6 Because of all the exfoliation your skin can dry-out. Don’t let your skin dry-out. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline to keep your skin moisturized. Vaseline is the best skin moisturizer, especially after a chemical peel. REMEMBER: Dry skin stimulates the production of more dead skin. It’s the skin’s way of protecting itself.

{Repeat this regimen daily for two weeks, then proceed to ‘Week Three’}

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You can start applying the Saliclear 3 times a week instead of everyday. By now your skin is super soft smooth and silky. Now you can start ‘skin beautification refinement’.

#1 Follow the regimen from ‘Week One’ for two weeks.
#2 Use the Coconut & Honey mix {click here for recipe} as your daily skin bleach.
#3 This entire cycle continually repeats from ‘Week One’ to ‘Week six’.

Exfoliation beautifies skin but it dries it out too. You need to keep your skin thoroughly moisturized while using chemical peels. FYI: Dry skin stimulates the production of more dead skin to protect the underlying, new, delicate skin. Use Vaseline to moisturize your skin, a thin layer goes a long way. When you go outside ALWAYS wear sunscreen, even if it’s not sunny outside. Sun bathing is counterproductive and will ruin your new skin tone. UV Rays are bad for skin, no matter what ethnicity you are. Skin bleaching is safe, but sun bathing is not. In addition to sunscreen wear your UV Hoody for added protection. On really sunny days wear your large sun glasses and sun bonnet.
{SIDE BAR: In L.A. [Los Angeles, CA – Cosmetic Surgery capital of the world] it’s common to see a small group of friends with a bandaged up noses having lunch & socializing. It’s obvious they’ve had rhinoplasty but it’s not a big deal, no one raises an eyebrow at them. One day we’ll see a group of friends dressed in all black jogging suits & hoodies with large sunglasses and sun bonnets having lunch. It’s obvious that they are ‘bleachers’ but it’s no big deal, no one raises an eyebrow at them} 😉
If at any time your skin feels over-worked {itchy, dry, cracking, irritated} from all the chemical peeling. Just take a little break and focus on soothing your skin. You can switch over to ‘manual exfoliation’ for a while, but before that, focus on soothing your skin. Click here and follow this guide to stop any itchiness. Manual Exfoliation: After about 4 or 5 days of no exfoliation, you can start ‘manual exfoliation’. Use your exfoliating bath gloves when you shower, and be gentle when scrubbing your skin. You can start back on the chemical peels when your skin feels less raw and/or irritated. You can also purchase a bag of dead sea salt and use it to scrub your skin. Dead Sea salt has many skin benefits and is a well-known skin beautifier.


  1. I would like to know if .05 tretinon gel available for purchase from your co.

  2. Hi I just started using HQ its my second day but am feeling like Face is getting darker so am really worried …I did follow the instructions and did dilute … am not that dark so should I stop or continue … is this darkness permanent

  3. This regimen works but I started applying my cream 3 to 4 times a day for my feet. My feet were lightening slower than the rest of me. theyre starting to catch up now

  4. Hi there i just wanted to ask a question. in the week one steps it says to use your hq cream. which cream/mix is that?what should i use for that? I’m confused since in week 6 it says that i should start using the coconut oil and honey mix as my daily skin bleach afterwards so will that replace the HQ cream I was using before(week one) or is that the same thing? I dont understand what HQ cream I should be using at the start all over my body. Please answer me since I really want to start this regimen . (if anybody knows please explain it to me) Thank You.

    1. I apologize for the confusion. I just updated this skin whitening regimen and dilution recipes today. Please re-copy it to get the new updated information.

      For beginners, I suggest using the ‘MSM Lotion’ mix or the ’Goat Milk Lotion’ mix. After 6 -8 weeks of following this skin whitening regimen you can start using the other HQ mixes. Like my favorite ’Coconut & Honey’ mix.

      It really doesn’t matter what mix you decide to use later on, that’s up to you. The recipes I posted for diluting your hydroquinone cream are only suggestions & tips. You can mix your bleaching cream with whatever lotion you desire, as long as the lotion is a ‘natural’ eco-friendly lotion. The lotion sold at department stores contain harsh preservatives and when mixed with our cream {that contains citric acid, derived from lemons} will make your HQ mix smell like the harsh chemicals used to clean hospitals.

      The most important thing is to follow the accompanying hydroquinone skin bleach instructions ‘exactly’ as directed. Exfoliating is the second most important thing. So make sure you’re using Saliclear, to exfoliate your body. And Tretinoin Gel 0.1% to exfoliate your face.

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