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Many things can cause lips to darken. For some people, their lips are naturally dark due to genetics. But for most it’s due to outside trauma. Like smoking, drinking hot beverages daily, or sickness. The most common reason for someone’s lips darkening is smoking. People who smoke cigarettes, blunts, cigars, and tobacco from a pipe have dark lips. And usually the entire inside of their mouths is darkened (gums, teeth, checks/buccal area, etc). People with dark lips tend look unhealthy, and dark lips are especially unattractive on females. Dark lips subconsciously repel the opposite sex. Who wants to kiss a person with dark crusty lips? This guide will show you how to obtain soft pink kissable lips, but if you continue to partake in smoking and drinking hot beverage daily. Your lips will continue to darken and you wont see significant whitening of your lips.

Skin Bleaching Cream for Lips
Tretinoin Gel 0.1%
Makeup Brush
Clear Packing Tape
Lip balm with Sunscreen

NOTE: If you’re new to using skin bleach, start with diluting your HQ30% cream to %5. After 7 days you can use the undiluted HQ30% cream directly on your lips. First start by washing your lips with your favorite facial soap. Dry your lips. Then use your fingertips to apply the Tretinoin Gel to your lips, like you would apply lip balm. Rub it in until it absorbs. Then use a makeup brush (or your clean fingers/hands) to apply your skin bleaching cream to your lips, like you would apply lip color. Let the skin bleach sit undisturbed for at least 30 minutes. During this time, don’t eat or drink anything and try not to wipe your lips on accident. After 30 minutes have passed, rinse your lips with warm water then apply Vaseline. If you’re going outside, wear your lip balm that contains sunscreen to protect your lips and prevent further darkening. Initially, only apply Tretinoin gel 2-3 times within a seven day period. Your skin has to become acclimated to the exfoliation action of the Tretinoin gel, you can increase to applying Tretinoin gel to your lips every other day after 4 weeks of consistent use. You’ll actually want to use Tret more often because lips develop dead skin quickly, and even more quickly if the person drinks hot beverages frequently or smokes.

After a few days your lips will seems like a layer of crust needs to come off, then they will start to peel profusely. After the dead skin starts peeling off your lips, new lighter skin will be revealed from underneath. After a week of the above regimen you will see your lips lighten a full shade. Just keep following the above daily regimen until you have achieved the lightened color you want your lips to be. Lip skin is very thin so you’ll see whitening and lightening much quicker than any other part of your body. Your lips are going to peel a lot revealing baby soft smooth skin underneath. Use your packing tape to remove the dead skin flakes. After you wash your lips let them dry until they’re ashy. Then take a piece of clear packing tape, place it on your lips, smooth it out. Then carefully peel the tape upwards, for your bottom lip, and downwards for your top lip (do each lip separately). This will prevent tearing new skin off causing your lips to crack and bleed. After that rinse your lips with cold water, dry them, then apply your Vaseline. ALWAYS keep your lips moisturized.

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