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By now you’re well into your transformation. Your skin is getting whiter by the day and your skin is peeling wonderfully. This is all great but the visibly peeling skin flakes and skin crunchies {from Saliclear, Tretinoin Gel, and Glycolic Acid use} on your face and body can be unattractive to look at. Picking at these skin flakes can cause you to scratch and scrape the new skin below. Of course, this will cause skin scrapes/scratches or darkening of the area. Below is what I’ll explain as “the tape method”. This will remove any loose skin flakes and also large areas of dead skin that is about slough off. This will also help your skin to whiten evenly as you consistently use skin bleaching cream.


First, shower or wash your face with your regular facial/body soap. Rinse and towel dry. Let your skin dry completely until it is ashy dry. Your skin will feel crunchy and uncomfortable, but you need your skin to be as dry as possible so the tape will stick well. Take a strip of your clear packing tape, apply it to your skin. Press the tape into your skin to get it stuck securely to your skin. Hold your skin taunt and peel the tape away from your skin SLOWLY. This will ensure more dead skin will come off each time. All the dead skin that is ready to peel will come off, sometimes in large chunks and sometime small. DO NOT apply tape to skin that you have already treated. After you have removed all the flaking dead skin, you may be a little red/pink in some areas. Apply your Arnica+K cream to any red areas, rub it in good. The redness will be gone in about 20-30 minutes. You can go ahead and apply your skin bleaching cream (if you’re currently bleaching) after you’ve treated with Arnica-K cream. If you’ve recently just started using Saliclear or Tretinoin, your skin will peel off in larger chunks of skin when you use the tape method.
After about 4 weeks, when you’ve started applying your Saliclear every other day, or 3-4 times a week. You can start using your exfoliating bath gloves a little bit more aggressively. On the days that you don’t use Saliclear, while in the shower use your exfoliating bath glove to scrub your body down very well, with your favorite skin nourishing soap. This will help your skin to whiten evenly also. Remember not too scrub too hard. Aggressively abrading your skin can cause scratches which will darken, which is counterproductive to any skin whitening regimen.

The fashion in which you apply the clear tape to your skin, is the same way you would apply hair removal wax strips. The difference is, you are to remove the tape SLOWLY. Not fast and hard, which will result in damaging the delicate new skin underneath.

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