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You either over used Saliclear or Tretinoin Gel and your skin is either itching like crazy, or burning and itching. Don’t panic. You’ll be fine. I understand, believe me I do, that sometimes we get a little addicted to peeling like a snake. As soon as you see a patch of skin peeling you quickly help it on off. And gaze at the unreal soft melty smooth baby skin underneath. So because of these wonderful results you put a little bit more on. Then a little bit more. Then a lotta bit more! Because these are ‘leave-on’ products, it seems like an okay idea. But you can’t keep abusing these chemical peels like that ladies, this is counterproductive to your skin maintenance regimen.

Below are several great treatments that will knock that itch and or burn out. The itchy or burning sensation doesn’t hurt your skin at all. But scratching and abrading your itchy skin does hurt it. Whether you’re a “full body bleacher” or not, scratching and abrading itchy skin is counter-productive to any skin-whitening regimen.

Arnica is a very potent anti-inflammatory herb. These ‘Arnica Montana 30X’ pills will help stop the burning itching and diminish redness. Place 3 pills under your tongue until they dissolve. Do this 3 times a day for the next 2-3 days, until your skin is back to normal.


Over-using Salicylic Acid {Saliclear} can cause extreme body itching. Symptoms: Your legs, buttocks, inner thighs, arms, and back are very itchy and super itch-sensitive {when anything touches your skin it stirs up the super-itch lol}. Using Tretinoin Gel 0.1% causes these symptoms if used on the body, period. That’s why it is suggested that it be used on your face only, because face skins peels fasters and the dead skin treated with Tretinoin is not held to your underlying new skin as long. If you can understand that. You need to keep a healthy supply of the items above in case of an ‘itchy-burn emergency’.

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Hot Shower: Instead of scratching your skin, take hot showers. Not too hot though. You don’t want to physically burn your skin. Hot water not only is safer than scratching with your nails. It feels better. It soothes the heck out of itchy skin. Just let the hot water run all over your body and rub your body and itchy spots. No scratching. This will feel so good to your skin that you’ll want stay under that hot water for forever. Well don’t, you’ll make your skin raw and when you apply your peppermint soap it will burn. After standing in the hot shower for a while, take your liquid peppermint soap and bath-puff and work up a good lather. Apply this lather to your entire body until you look like a bubble monster. Your skin will start to feel cool and minty, totally killing the itch. Constantly and gently massage the thick lather into your skin, all over your body. You can use the bath-puff to scrub, but be careful not to scratch or abrade your skin with it. Rinse your body when you are ready. Repeat the same process with your arnica soap. Arnica flower is a natural powerful anti-inflammatory herb. When you get out of the shower moisturize with your ‘Peppermint MSM Lotion’. This Peppermint MSM Lotion contains peppermint extract and DMSO. The peppermint extract soothes skin, giving it a cool minty fresh feeling. Peppermint extract totally stops itching of any sort. DMSO is well known for relieving pain, but it also fights itching. You can apply your peppermint msm lotion to your itchy-spots when you get an ‘itch-flare-up’. You can also apply a little of the numbing cream to certain areas to help stop the itching. 

Hot Bath: You may opt for a hot bath instead of a shower. Now this is fine, but you can’t sit in a tub of hot water as long as you can stay in the shower. Your innards will start to cook and you’ll get nauseous (creepy but true). Add ¼ cup to ½ cup of your liquid peppermint soap to your bath water. Soak in the hot bath water for about 30 minutes. Use your bare hands to massage your body. Use your loofah too gently massage your itchiest spots. After that, drain the tub and proceed to wash with your arnica soap as indicated above.

Now the only thing that seems to burn from overuse is the Tretinoin Gel on your face. Over-using Tretinoin Gel 0.1% {on your face} can cause extreme itching and or burning. Symptoms: Your face skin feels like its cracking. It may also be a little itchy, especially in the areas where the dead skin is flaking away. Your face is super sensitive and burns when anything touches it. Like toothpaste, mouth wash, food sauces, food in general, lotions, etc. 

For now, only use plain cold water to wash your face. Don’t use your hands, just let the cold water run over your face. Put on a disposable vinyl glove to apply Black Seed Oil to your face, and then a thin layer of Vaseline. Keep your face moisturized with only these two things. You can apply a LITTLE numbing cream to your most irritated areas, but don’t over use it. You skin will BURN when you first apply the numbing cream but will stop after 30 seconds when the numbing cream starts to work.

In about 2-3 days your face & body will be back to normal with no burning or itching. You just have to be patient and wait it out, while continuing to treat as directed above. After three days you can start back applying your bleaching cream to counteract/prevent any skin darkening.

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