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Congratulations hunni!!! I hope it’s a girl!!! #goddess You feel joyful about your pregnancy, but you must admit… You’re also a little nervous about your skin. All because you’ve stopped using your hydroquinone skin bleach, and you’re worried about losing all the work you’ve put into bleaching your skin. And you’re especially worried about all the hyperpigmentation that happens during a pregnancy. Well good news sweetie! There are herbal skin bleaching agents that can whiten your skin & maintain your current bleached skintone, until you can resume using the hardcore stuff. And until then, please use safe skin bleaching products for pregnant & nursing mothers. There are many to choose from in the ‘Skin Bleach for Pregnant Women’ category. Some of the products I formulate myself, and some are ❤️sponsored products that I hand picked due to the efficacy of their listed ingredients.




As an experienced skin bleacher, we all know know that hydroquinone (and it’s derivatives) are harmless and don’t cause any long term skin damage (like mercury & steroid skin whiteners) But once you become pregnant, it would behoove you to only use herbal (or “natural”) skin whiteners. Hydroquinone and mequinol don’t exist in nature “as is”, but are synthesized from other organic materials found in nature (arbutin > hydroquinone > mequinol).

The strongest most potent herbal skin whitening agents safe for pregnant women are Licorice Root Extract, Mulberry leaf extract, and Pear Extract. These herbal extracts contain some very potent skin shitening actives.>

Licorice Extract: Contains organic chemicals that are 16 times stronger than hydroquinone!
[Read – Skin Whiteners Explained: Which is the Strongest?].

Pear Skin Extract: Arbutin is found naturally in certain fruits and shrubs but pears have proven to have the highest content of arbutin. Arbutin is especially concentrated in the skin of pears. This is why arbutin is sourced from pear skins. You can literally lighten your skin by eating arbutin containing foods, like pears. Arbutin was found to be extensively absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract where it is primarily converted to hydroquinone [Read – Skin Whiteners Explained: Which is the Strongest?].

Muberry Extract: Mulberry leaf extract is an extract derived from dried mulberry leaves, Morus alba. Mulberry leaf contains two active whitening agents: Mulberroside-F and Arbutin. We already know that arbutin whitens skin by inhibiting tyrosinase. But according to in-vitro studies, mulberry leaf’s other active ingredient Mulberroside-F inhibits: tyrosinase activity; melanin formation in melanin-cells; and melanin transfer. Containing two whitening agents makes mulberry leaf extract a very potent herbal skin whitener. [Read – Skin Whiteners Explained: Which is the Strongest?]

There are other effective herbal skin whiteners, but the above skin whitening agents are the most potent. Some of the other herbal whiteners are strong, and others are more “co-whiteners” that work best when mixed with other more potent skin whitening agents. Please read my post ‘Skin Whiteners Explained: Which is the Strongest?’ to get a full list with descriptions of all available skin whitening agents .




#1 The first thing you need to do is stay completely out of the sun. The sun is bad for all human skin, not to mention the anti-aging benefits (of staying out of the sun) are absolutely astounding. Truly unbelievable… If you stopped going outdoors today for 10 years. In ten years you’d actually look one year younger than you do today #truth [Please Read my Anti-Aging Blog]

#2 If you must go outdoors during daylight hours, always wear sunscreen (SPF 100+), protective UV Clothing, and a UV hat or bonnet. Yes, it’s like you’re a vampire now, but trust me the sun is NOT good for anyone’s skin. Especially now…Because the sun is burning much hotter than it ever has. The government knows this, and that’s one reason why they keep spraying the skies with these ‘fake clouds’. For protection from harmful UVB’s.

#3 Mix the entire jar of shea butter; an equal amount of cocoa butter; and 1 table spoon of Vaseline. Mix them into a smooth cream. This will be your moisturizer. Cocoa butter diminishes hyperpigmentation and stretch marks. So does shea butter, but it also heals and soothes damaged raw skin (see below)

#4 Drink distilled water. Drinking distilled water helps whiten skin. Toxins and impurities are dark in color. Removing these toxins and impurities cause a skin slight lightening effect. Just the same as if you ran dirty water through a filter. The filtered water would appear much lighter in color. Distilled water washes away toxins, impurities, bacteria, and viruses from your system. These toxins are not only dark in color, they also hold “weight”. You’ll notice a significant “healthy” weightloss after 6 months of drinking distilled water. Because of this, I suggest you consult your OB/GYN before using any of these tips or even starting this daily skin bleaching regimen.

#5 Juice a lemon, and strain the juice into a small glass spray bottle.


Phyto Niacin Whitening Kit
And/Or One of These Products
Raw Shea Butter
Raw Cocoa Butter
Fresh Lemon Juice
Exfoliating Bath Glove
Mesh Bath Sponge
Fine Eyeliner Brush
Glass Spray Bottle


Use this regimen as a guide, later on you can tweak or modify it to suit your specific needs. In addition to this regimen, always follow each individual product’s accompanying instructions exactly as written. And always do a patch test for new products before regularly applying them all over your face n’ body.

Face: Cleanse your face with luke warm water & the whitening soap from your ‘Phyto Niacin Whitening Kit’. Rinse your face with cold water (this closes your pores).Pat your face dry, then apply your ‘LPM Extract Whitener’ & fan your skin until it completely dries. Then apply the ‘Phyto Niacin Whitening Toner’. Fan your skin until it completely dries. You can choose weather you want to also apply the ‘Phyto Niacin Whitening Essence’ and ‘Phyto Niacin Whitening Tone-up Cream’. Take it slow at first, wait and see what your face can handle. You don’t wan’t to cause any breakouts due to over use, and you want to know ‘which’ product is actually causing the breakout. You can also choose to only use your ‘LPM Extract Whitener’ alone after cleansing with your phyto whitening soap. If you choose not to apply the Phyto Niacin creams, apply your Shea/Coco butter moisturizer.

Body: Shower with the whitening soap from your ‘Phyto Niacin Whitening Kit’. Use the same methods as instructed with your ‘Lemon HQ Soap’ (bath puff & exfoliating bath gloves). Dry your body. The spray fresh lemon juice all over your body. Fan your skin dry, the stinging will stop when your skin dries. Apply the ‘LPM Extract Whitener’ all over your body. Fan your body until your skin dries. Then apply the ‘Phyto Niacin Whitening Essence’ all over you body. Now you can either apply the ‘Phyto Niacin Whitening Tone-up Cream’ or one of the other skin whiteners you purchased. You can try all of them (on different parts of your body) to see which works best for you.

Dark Spots & Hyperpigmentation: Cleanse your face. Pat your skin dry. Spray fresh lemon juice on your face. Fan your face until it dries, the stinging will stop when your skin dries. Use your eyeliner brush, dip the tip into your ‘LPM Extract Whitener’. Apply it exactly to the dark-spot/scar/hyperpigmented area avoiding the surrounding normal skin. You’ll be using the same method posted here [Read – Bleach Away Darkspots, Scratches, and Scars] You can follow up with any one of your whitening creams after applying your ‘LPM Extract Whitener’. Do it the same way as instructed above. Do this until your dark spots/scars have faded. They won’t fade as quickly as when you were using your HQ cream, but they will fade within 10 days depending on how dark they were to began with.




Now that you’re pregnant, there are only certain types of exfoliation products and chemical peels you can safely use on your skin. Please read ‘EXFOLIATING: WHICH ACIDS ARE SAFE WHILE PREGNANT?’

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