SIZE: 8 fl.oz. glass bottle
TCA 35%
Glycolic Acid 30%
Tretinoin 0.01%
• Removes stubborn thick crusty dead skin from feet
• Removes stubborn thick crusty dead skin from hands
• Removes thick hard corns & calluses
• Removes of ingrown toenails & finger nails
• Reshapes hammer toes
ACCESSORIES: Rubber Skin Bleaching Socks
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How to make ugly feet pretty

If you have the toughest thickest crustiest dead skin on your feet (or hands) this is the best peel to get rid of that. This product works very well when used alone, but works even better when used with skin bleach. I improved this product by adding Salicylic Acid & Tretinoin, I also increased the TCA percentage. This product is not only strong but is more efficient at removing many layers of stubborn thick dead skin.

It’s important to remember that the appearance of our feet is largely determined by genetics and can vary greatly from person to person. However, there are some things you can do to make ugly feet pretty:

• Disposable Gloves
Application Brush
Small Jar
• Neutralizer (baking soda & water mix)
• Baking Soda
• Vaseline
• Cotton Swabs
• Cotton Pads
Shea Butter

For FITZ III-VI it’s best to use skin bleaching cream whenever you use a chemical peel or receive a laser treatment {CO2, hair removal, etc}. Using skin bleaching cream offsets the hyper-pigmentation that usually comes after having such treatments. Even if the skin isn’t burned while using chemical peels {or lasers}, these treatments still cause a little bit of redness to the treatment area. And with FITZ III-VI skin, after redness comes hyper-pigmentation. So for best results use HQ30% Skin Bleach or HQ45% Skin Bleach when using this product {or any of my chemical peel}. This will not only get rid of the dark patches on your feet/hands but will also prevent further hyperpigmentation.

If you are new to using chemical peels, please read thru my Chemical Peel Guide before using this product. The product directions are very detailed and easy to understand, for a newbie. But you still need to educate your self on different types of chemical peels before you start using this professional strength chemical peel.

Shop Chemical Peel for Dark Knuckles. Using chemical peels can stain the nails yellow (like in client photos). To prevent staining or yellowing of your toenails and finger nails, simply paint your toenails/finger nails with a clear nail enamel to protect them from the acids.

TCA 35%(Trichloroacetic Acid), Glycolic Acid 30%, Tretinoin 0.10%, Distilled Water

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 3 in

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