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When you become pregnant your skin bleaching regimen is paused. Well not anymore… Now you don’t have to lose all the work you’ve put into bleaching your skin. There are herbal skin bleaching agents that can whiten skin & maintain your bleached skintone until you can resume using the hardcore stuff. Until then please use safe skin bleaching products for pregnant women. The strongest most potent herbal skin whitener available is Licorice Extract it contains organic chemicals that are 16 times stronger than hydroquinone!(read this for more info). The herbal skin whitening products below will maintain your bleached skin tone, and they’ll also whiten your skin a few shades. Some of the products I make myself, and some are ❤️sponsored products that I hand picked due to the efficacy of the listed ingredients. Please read my PREGNANCY SKIN BLEACHING BLOG to learn how to maintain & whiten your skin while pregnant. [Read – Skin Whiteners Explained]

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