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These neoprene wetsuits are use for scuba diving & surfing. There are also used for fitness & workout because of their thermal properties. These wetsuits make you sweat if worn for several hours, and are often referred to as “sweat suit” or “sauna suit”. Some are made of stretchy neoprene and some are made of thin stretchy rubber. Some are full-body suits and some are sleeveless and cut-off at the knee. The thin rubber wetsuits, we cannot use those because the products we’re using will destroy those rubber wetsuits (i.e. Vaseline, Saliclear, bleaching creams, etc.) Therefore we’ll be using these neoprene wetsuits. Neoprene is also a form of rubber/plastic, it’s just more durable, breathable, more padding, and higher thermal properties.
After applying your skin bleaching cream you will put on this wetsuit and wear it for at least an hour, but not more than 3 hours. After that you can rinse your entire body in the shower and then apply your regular body lotion or Vaseline. Wearing this wetsuit will cause the bleaching cream to penetrate deep into your skin without having to wear your HQ skin bleaching cream all day. This is not only more convenient, but your skin will whiten much faster.
This suit is ONLY to be used with your skin bleaching cream. Don’t wear this wetsuit after applying Saliclear or any other chemical peel. You have been warned! isis.gold will not be held liable for any injury that you incur doing exactly what I’ve told you not to.

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