Strong Skin Whitener

For a few years I’ve been studying Ayurvedic herbs & Chinese herbs for beauty, and natural cures. There are so many Chinese recipes involving natural herbs (also powdered sea creatures & powdered poop from a rare bird) used for anti-aging, hair straightening, and skin whitening. Ancient Chinese methods used for thousands of years by wealthy women, empresses, and concubines. These ancient skin treatments still exist today, but only at high-end spas mostly in Seoul South Korea (the “Beauty Belt”). Ayurvedic herbs, originating in India, are also very powerful herbs and have gained a lot of popularity (here in the US) within the last few years. Ayurvedic herbs have been used by Indians for thousands of years for skincare, haircare, sickness, and disease. There are Indian physicians that use a combination of ayurvedic herbs to instantly whiten their patients skin. There’s also a known cure for vitiligo, and other skin diseases, using ayurvedic herbal rubbings. These Indian physicians are also fixing bucked teeth & giving dimples without surgery, using nothing more than a needle & a massage method! (search YouTube). In both China & India it is very common for women to know a homemade recipe for skin whitening, anti-ageing, or hair straightening. Focusing on the skin whitening & anti-aging, I’ve combined both Chinese & Ayurvedic herbs (along with Queen Hydroquinone) to create some powerful INSTANT WHITENING MASQUES. These whitening masks contain the best & most potent of ayurvedic and Chinese herbs known for instantly whitening skin. And to add a mega boost, I’ve included 45%-55% Hydroquinone in every masque. Read: Why do these masques work? #FitzPatrickScale #SkinWhiteningStagesChart

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